Pill Pack

Do you get multiple prescriptions filled a month? Have medication you have to take daily? Twice a day? Well if you are already managing multiple medications on a daily basis, you may want to take a look at Pill Pack.

The site’s goal is to help you manage your medication with more ease. What they do is fill your prescriptions and put them in dosage packs. So that it’s easy to take your morning pills all at once in the morning and evening pills in the evening. They’re labeled with the time you should take them, the date they are for, and a list of what prescriptions are in the pack.

I suggest you start by watching the video on the main page. It runs for just over a minute and explains how Pill Pack works.

The very cool thing is that they’ll work with your insurance the same way your pharmacy does and then bill you for what you’d normally owe. Then they put your pill packs together and ship them right to your door for free.

You check out the How it Works ┬ásection for even more details. There’s also an excellent Help section. You’ll notice that Pill Pack is branded as an Amazon company. The tech giant purchased the company a few years ago.



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