What I’m Watching: Pluto TV

In today’s What I’m Watching, I am going to tell you about one of my favorite apps- PLUTO TV.

PLUTO TV is a free TV programming app you can watch online or download to your mobile phone, tablet, PC, or Smart TV.

The app gives you access to over 200 live, ad-supported, programming channels and on-demand program options too.  It is largely like watching tv the old way when you would channel-flip until you found something of interest to enjoy.  The lineup of channels changes a bit monthly so check often.  The lineup may also vary between mobile services and tv services.

There are several programming tiers and genres to choose from.  Movies, Entertainment, News and Opinion, Reality, Crime, Comedy, Classic TV, Home and DIY, Explore, Sports, Gaming and Anime, Music, Latino/Espanol, Kids, Local News, and Featured Daily Channels.

The Movie Tier is impressive with channels specific to James Bond Films, Comedies, Dramas, Romance, Crime, Thrillers, Terror, Black Cinema, Pluto Staff picks, Documentaries, ’70s, ’80s, and 90s films, Paramount films, Westerns, Cult films, Flicks of Fury, and the Asylum. 

The Entertainment tier includes a Paramount+ channel, recently added to tease and encourage subscription to the Paramount+ streaming service by showcasing Paramount+ Shows.  It also features Showtime movie selections, TVLand Dramas, Stories By AMC, Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, Nashville, DeGrassi, Star Trek, SciFI, British TV, and Dr OZ Channels.  Nosey and Judge Nosey are dedicated to Maury, Springer, and Court shows.  The Price is Right has its own channel dedicated to the Bob Barker years.  Deal or No Deal has a dedicated channel.  BET, MTV, CMT, LOGO, ET, and People also have dedicated channels here.

The News and Opinion tier includes channels for all interests, with Pluto News, CBS, CNN, NBC, Weather Nation, Bloomberg, Cheddar, BNC, Newsy, Today, the Blaze, America’s Voice, OAN Plus, First, TYT, and Yahoo finance all represented here.

The Reality Tier includes channels dedicated to Rescue 911, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Hell’s Kitchen (Uncensored), Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Challenge, Fear Factor, American Gladiators, Wipeout, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, People Are Awesome, and others.

The Crime Tier includes CSI, Narcos, Cops, Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, The New Detectives, Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Midsomer Murders, and Court TV.

The Comedy Tier includes TV Land Sitcoms, Wings, Slightly Off on IFC, Comedy Central and Comedy Central Animation, Tosh.0, Wild’N Out, MST3K and Rifftrax, AFV TV and Fail Army.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue my look at all PlutoTV has to offer.

— Tim

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