Welcome to Elvenar – a free, fantasy style city building game that is currently my newest daily addiction!

Scroll down the main page to learn more about the game or check out the Game section for even more information about it.

If you go to the Media page and select video you can watch a video about the game play.

You can register to play in one of three methods. You can use the form to register with your e-mail address, or you can choose to connect via Facebook or Google, or Apple. I chose to use Facebook as always.

You’ll get started by selecting to play as either a Human settlement or an Elven settlement. Then just follow the instructions and quests you get as you get started.

A tip I have is pay attention to the quests you get. They are set on a cycle. This means you can decline them and they’ll come back up. This will prevent you from trying to create level four structures to fulfill a quest way too early in the game.

Go forth and build those cities!



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