Fun With MS Paint – Gradient Effect

Want to have some fun with MS Paint? You can create shapes with impressive gradient effects with this little trick. Start by opening paint and creating a square image.

Then select the straight line tool.

Draw a line down the middle of the square. Make sure it goes all the way through.

Next, choose a fill color.

Then choose the bucket brush.

Use it to fill half of the square.

Leave the second half white or fill with another color.

Then choose Resize.

Untick the box next to Maintain aspect ratio. Change the horizontal value to 1 and leave vertical as it is. Then click OK.

Then hit resize again and change the horizontal value to 500 and hit OK. Make sure Maintain aspect ratio is not checked. You can do this multiple times. Here’s one effect.

Here’s another one. I drew a triangle in the middle of the image.

Fill the interior with one color and the outside with another.

This time we’ll adjust the vertical size. Again, don’t forget to untick the Maintain aspect ratio box.

It turns into a tiny line.

Then I resized the vertical to 500.

And I ended up with this.

Experiment and have fun.

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