Neon Art

This site features sculptures by neon artist,  Lili Lakich.

I was originally going to link you directly to the gallery, but then I started exploring the other pages and decided just to start you on the main studio page, so you have the opportunity to check out everything.

On the main page you have several navigation options. They are: Enter the Neon Art Studio, Signs of Art, Lakich Design Studio,  and Lili Lakich’s Visual Memoir Site.

The Neon Art Studio is what I was originally going to share. It’s an amazing gallery of Lakich’s work. In addition to the galleries, you’ll find a link to Lakich’s biography, and information about neon workshops (if you’re in the area and that’s something you’d like to try doing!)  You can also check out a video of how Flyaway was constructed here.

Visual Memoir leads you a group on thumbnails. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Lakich Design Studio shows the commercial pieces that Lakich creates for company’s branding and signage.

Go check this out today and learn all about neon art!


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