Control Mac Mouse and Trackpad Speed

A few adjustments to speed or sensitivity of your mouse or trackpad on a Mac can make your computer easier to use.

Let’s look at how to do it.

Start by clicking the Apple icon at the upper left and choosing System Preferences from the dropdown menu.


Then Choose Accessibility.


Scroll down to Pointer Control


Click on the Mouse & Trackpad tab.


You adjust how close together you need to make the clicks for a double-click by moving the slider.  Spring-loading delay controls how long an item has to be over a folder before that folder opens. Tick the box next to Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse is present to prevent accidentally touching your trackpad when using a mouse.


Click on Trackpad options.


You’ll be able to control the scrolling speed by moving the slider.  Choose between with or without inertia.

  • with inertia: Scrolling comes to a gradual stop.
  • without inertia: Scrolling stops immediately.

Enable dragging: Select the checkbox to be able to drag items. Click the pop-up menu to choose an option.

  • without drag lock: Double-tap an item, then drag it without lifting your finger after the second tap; when you lift your finger, the item stops moving.The item can still be dragged for a fraction of a second (so you can reposition your finger if it’s at the edge of the trackpad). To immediately prevent further dragging, tap the trackpad once.
  • with drag lock: Double-tap an item, then drag it without lifting your finger after the second tap; dragging continues when you lift your finger, and stops when you tap the trackpad once.
  • three finger drag: Drag an item with three fingers; dragging stops when you lift your fingers.


Click on Mouse Options.


You’ll be able to move the slider bar to adjust the speed.




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