Tricky Text Scam Messages

I received two scam text messages recently I thought I’d share with you. Both are phishing scams that try to play on your fear response. The first claims to be about an unemployment claim.

This one could get you one of two ways. You might actually have an unemployment claim that you’re anxiously awaiting some information on. Or you might panic and think someone has fraudulently filed for unemployment benefits using your information. If you were to tap the link, you’ll probably download a ton of malware onto your device. Or you’ll land on a fake site that tricks you into inputting your personal information.

I also received this message about an allegedly delayed package. Most of us are having more packages than ever delivered to our homes and notifications of delivery delays are nothing unusual. These scammers are counting on the fact that you may actually be waiting for a package and will tap without thinking.

In both cases, if you have any thoughts this is a legitimate email, go to the site or the app for the company or the state agency. Don’t tap that link. Open up a browser or an app and access you account separately.

As always, be vigilant.

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