Pluto Adds Judge Judy

The free PlutoTV streaming app has a new channel that prominently features Judge Judy. Pluto Courtroom features classic episodes of court shows like Judge Judy, Judge Mills Lane, Hot Bench, Swift Justice, and Judge Joe Brown.

Judge Judy announced last year that this year would be the last for her popular courtroom program. Having banked 25 years worth of episodes CBS/Viacom decided not to pay up to renew Judge Judy Sheindlin’s multi-million dollar contract and instead focus on running the thousands of banked episodes of repeats. Sheindlin was earning $47 million dollars a year for the popular program.

Don’t expect the 78-year-old TV staple to retire. Sheindlin has already signed a contract with Amazon for a new program called Judy Justice to air on IMDBTV. Starting in the fall of 2021, there will be no more new episodes of Judge Judy airing on local channels. If you want to see her latest product, you’ll have to catch her on IMDBTV.

It’s expected to follow the format of Judge Judy and also feature her trusted sidekick Petrie Hawkins-Byrd.

You can watch PlutoTV Courtroom on a computer in a browser by following this link:

Or download the PlutoTV app for your smartphone or tablet from the App Store. It’s also available for you Amazon Fire. The PlutoTV app is also available on many smart TVs and for streaming boxes like Roku and FireTV.

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