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A reader is a little confused about where to save things like text and images from online. She included some images from her email.

When I right-click on the image to copy/paste it, there is a box that opens bottom left to ‘open file’ (sometimes, with certain options selected I guess).  I have chosen several of the various options on the menus. I was trying to copy/paste.  I get various successes.  If I need to copy/paste an  https sites,   I right-click it, select copy, but am stuck from there where to paste.  (I was thinking about this as I awoke this am!). So, thanks once again if you get a chance to reply.


Let’s start by talking about the options you get when you select an image in an email from your online inbox.  If you simply copy the image from a website, you’re just copying the location of that image online. Some programs will display that image from the location or make a copy of the picture for you that you can save.

If you choose Copy image, you could paste it in a program like paint and then save the image. Or just choose Save image as and save the image to your computer. Saving the image itself ensures you’ll have a copy should it ever be deleted from the Internet.

I’ve tried to assist people in the past who believed that when they copied a webpage and saved the HTML, they were copying everything on it. Later when the web page went away or deleted and image, the content they meant to save disappeared.


When you copy text from an email or web page, you should paste it in a program designed for documents. Use something a simple a Notepad or Wordpad.  Additionally, use Word or any other word processor you have installed.  Also, you could paste the text to a notebook program like OneNote or Keep. Many notebook programs allow you to simply drag and drop images and text.

If you want to save the link to a site you hope to revisit, you could bookmark that site in your browser. Or copy and paste that link into a document or notebook program.

2 thoughts on “Copy/Paste Confusion

  1. If they want to save just the image or save the page on the screen, they could use Snipping Tool to save the saved item as a file in their Documents. Speaking of Documents, I believe it would be helpful for many people if you would do a series on creating, naming and organizing folders and files within their Documents and Pictures Folders included by Microsoft under “This PC,” like when date in chronological order is desired by listing the date as YY-MM-DD followed by the Name/Title of the file or picture.

  2. It appears that Edge will not allow the same link (URL) to be in two different Favorites folders at the same time.
    When I tried, Edge just ‘moved’ the original link (URL) to the new folder.
    Is there a method to copy the same link (URL) to two (or more) Favorites folders?

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