You know I love maps, so I was really excited to find this site. I’d like to welcome you to the United States Digital Map Library, brought to you by the USGenWeb Archives. Their goal is to provide free access to the maps in their possession, as well as the creation of new maps based on scholarly research.

When you arrive at the site there is a nice blurb that explains what the site is all about, and then you scroll down to get to the three categories of maps. They are:

US Maps – here you’ll find maps that provide scope to major events like westward expansion, land survey systems, and more.

State and County Maps – this is the bulk of their collection. In it you will find maps not only from all fifty states, but also maps from individual counties around the US.

Indian Land Cessions Maps – this section provides maps that document the land cessions made by the American Indian Nations up to 1894.

I think this is an excellent tool for genealogists and historians alike. Go check it out today!