3D Stereograms

As a kid, I had no idea what a stereogram was. I just knew I loved those “find the image in this swirl of color” Magic Eye pictures. It was annoying that my sister always saw the image before I did. These pictures are called autostereograms, and are a type of optical illusion where you trick your brain into seeing a 3D image. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find that you are greeted by a page full of stereograms, and if you want to see more just click Page 2, Page 3, or Page 4. There are a total of 33 stereograms that you can challenge yourself with, so don’t be  afraid to dive right in! To get started, click on the stereogram you want to try out; this will take you to the larger version of the image. Focus your eyes softly in the center of the image and let the 3D image pop out at you! 

Have difficulty seeing the images? I do too at first. Check out the Stereogram Viewing Tips section to find helpful hint about how to help trick your brain into seeing them.  My best advice is to be patient and really give your eyes a chance to adjust to what you’re trying to see – in other words, don’t get frustrated and stop in thirty seconds. I may be guilty of that on occasion.

Are you ready to trick your brain? Then what are you waiting for? Head over to the site and check out those images!



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