Would this Wireless Adapter Still Work?

A reader has a question about an older piece of tech she came across.

“Back in 2010, I bought a Ceiba wireless adapter, from World start! Never used it! Since it must be outdated, should it be put in the trash? Would it be of use to anyone?

Unfortunately the shelf life of a lot of technology is shorter than many food items! There are multiple reasons an 11-year-old wireless adapter wouldn’t work today. Wireless technology and security standards have changed since it was manufactured, so it wouldn’t be secure.

Also, it’s unlikely the proper drivers would be available to allow it to work with current version of Windows or Mac OS. Unfortunately, the eCycle pile is the place for items like that adapter.

It can be difficult to part with what looks like it ought to still be perfectly good, but don’t allow outdated stuff to clutter up your home.

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