I think that the jokes kids come up with are marvelous. Usually the jokes are inspired by whatever the kids are into at the moment and are delightfully funny, so I was hooked when I found this site.

On the main page, you’ll find a featured assortment of jokes. To see the punchline, click the green Show Punchline button beneath the joke. To find more jokes, scroll down the page to the Jokes by Kids section where you can find lots of jokes that have been submitted divided up into categories like Dog, Cat, Food, Geography, and Knock Knock just to name a few. 

You’ll also find a green Submit a Joke button at the top of the page that will allow your kids to submit their own jokes to the site.  Just fill out the form with the required information and then click the Submit button. 

If you really like these jokes, and I did, you can receive them twice a week in your inbox by typing in your name and e-mail address into the appropriate field in the orange subscribe box and then clicking the blue Subscribe Now button.