Thanks to Instagram and some wonderful photos of fountain pens, ink, and writing, I’ve become rather obsessed with the idea of getting a fountain pen and learning to use it. I’ve picked out the model I want (a TWSBI Diamond 580 Clear) and ink (Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink in Yama Budo Wild Grapes). I mean it when I say I’m obsessed.  I’ve been watching YouTube fountain pen reviews and writing tip videos since this hobby caught my attention. 

What I really need to know before I purchase anything is what kind of nib do I want (the tip) because there are a lot of varieties, especially for the one I want. I needed to find some basic information about nibs, so I went looking, and what I found was the Fountain of Knowledge brought to you by Goulet Pens!  

Fountain Pen 101 – A lovely collection of videos from  that walk you through everything you need to know about the basics of owning and using a fountain pen! You’ll find it covers the following topics:  Introduction to Fountain Pen 101, What is a Fountain Pen?, Terminology 1: Parts of a Fountain Pen, Terminology 2: Fountain Pens in Use, Storing Fountain Pens, Pen Cleaning & Maintenance, Filling Mechanisms, Ink Cartridges, Bottled Ink, Refilling an Ink Cartridge, Nib Sizes & Grinds,l Nib Materials, Dubious Ink Labels, Fast Pen Flushing, Sampling Ink, Part 1, Sampling Ink, Part 2, and Flying with Fountain Pens.

You can watch them from start to finish by starting with the Introduction video and it will automatically move onto the next topic in the playlist, or you can click the individual link to a specific topic.  I started with nibs, and then headed back to the beginning and watched them all the way through. 

Cartridge and Converter Guide – this well help you find out which cartridges or converters are compatible with your pen. 

Common Online Abbreviations – a handy list of abbreviations that are defined so you know what people are talking about when they use them. 

Glossary of Terms – here you’ll find the definitions of common fountain pen terminology. I was really glad to have checked this out before I started watching reviews because now I know what feathering, skipping, and railroading mean in the context of a fountain pen. 

Reviews – here you’ll find reviews of specific fountain pens, inks, and writing products. I made sure to check out the review of the pen I’m interested in. 

Tips & Tricks – here you’ll find tips and tricks not just for fountain pens, but also for other utensils like blotters, sealing wax, and other accessories. 

This site offers a wealth of knowledge about fountain pens, go check it out for yourself today!