Same Edge Favorite In Two Folders

A reader wants help with organizing favorites in Microsoft Edge.

“It appears that Edge will not allow the same link (URL) to be in two different Favorites folders at the same time.
When I tried, Edge just ‘moved’ the original link (URL) to the new folder. Is there a method to copy the same link (URL) to two (or more) Favorites folders?”

First, let’s look at how to create folders and add favorites in the Microsoft Edge. Click the Favorites icon at the top-right of the browser and then click the add folder icon.

Type the name of the folder.

To add a favorite, just click the star icon at the top right when you’re on a page you’d like to bookmark.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the folder.

Choose your folder or the Favorite bar at the top.

As the reader noted, it will not allow you to save the same URL to two different folders. It will just move the site to a different folder. One way I found around was to choose a different article or page on the same website for a bookmark. For example, I have the main page for Cyn’s Tech Tips saved as a favorite in one folder and an article saved as a favorite in another.

If you have any more questions, please ask.

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