Is Bitlocker Key Secure?

A reader had a question about Microsoft’s Bitlocker encryption key;

“Seems to me that if the key is saved to your Microsoft account, then Microsoft has access to your files and can decrypt them at will. Can a Microsoft encryption product really be trusted?”

While your information is saved in your Microsoft account, Microsoft employees don’t have access to that information, even at the top levels. For example, even on my own WordPress website for Cyn’s Tech Tips, I don’t have access to members’ passwords or their credit card information. All of that information is encrypted.

I suppose it’s possible some bad actor at Microsoft might decide to break company protocols and get into your information but that’s a possibility with any encryption key, VPN, or other security precaution. While tech companies love to get their hands on your Internet activities to use for targeting advertising, they are usually pretty good about not getting into your private files. They generally won’t even hand them over to law enforcement without warrants.

Nothing is 100% safe. I’d probably more concerned about someone hacking Microsoft and stealing encryption keys than the company itself.

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