Manage Autoplay Settings

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A reader wants their PC to ask what to do when a device is connected:

“I want to have My Laptop ask me when I Hook up my iPhone (thru a USB Cable)  what I want to it to do. I want to download from the cell’s pictures into my laptop’s photo album.”

That’s controlled with AutoPlay settings and it’s simple to set up. Type AutoPlay into your Windows 10 search box and click on the results.

The AutoPlay menu will open.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Removable drive, Memory card, and any other devices to choose what happens. You can choose to be asked every time or pick an action like automatically importing photos. I prefer to open File Explorer and then choose an action.

One thought on “Manage Autoplay Settings

  1. Hi Cyn

    This has nothing to do with AutoPlay but this is my problem.

    Sometimes a horizontal progress bar appears across the bottom of my screen that goes beyond the page limit. This is bothersome to me.. Is there a way I can alter or stop this? My o/s is 10/64. Thanks.

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