A Note About Streaming

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A reader had this to say about our article on new episodes of Judge Judy moving to streaming. (Click here to read that article.)

“I don’t like the live streaming at all. I don’t have a phone that does that as I cannot afford it. I have watched Judge Judy for many years but if she goes off the regular tv channels, so be it. I’ll watch People’s Court instead.”

You don’t need a smartphone to access streaming services like PlutoTV or IMDB TV. Both services are free and can be viewed on your PC using a regular browser. Both services are also likely available on SmartTVs or can be watched with an inexpensive streaming stick or streaming box that only has a one-time cost to purchase. Streaming can actually a lot less expensive than most cable lineups. 

Watch PlutoTV at https://pluto.tv/en/live-tv

View IMDBTV at https://www.imdb.com/tv/

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