Are you ready to join the interactive hunt to pin down the earth location of pictures taken from space by astronauts? Image Detective is a game where you try to find the closest to center point of the photos taken on by astronauts. It’s fun and will improve your geography skills.

To begin click the Let’s Get Started button on the navigation menu and you’ll be whisked away to to tutorial.  The tutorial comes with an introduction, a description with images of the varying levels of cloud cover, a walk through of the image controls, instructions (with additional information, just click on the categories to expand them), and then you’ll earn your tutorial badge which unlocks playing for high scores. 

It is fairly exacting for how close to center you need to be, so make sure you make use of the zoom and rotation tools. I suggest starting with something that will be very recognizable like a lake, river, volcano, etc. I had the most success matching a lake in the tutorial.

Once you’ve passed, you’ll earn your detective’s badge. Create a detective identity and password and then submit it for approval. Note the message that comes up on the left side of the page about approval – it contains your continue button if you want to keep playing in the meantime. If you don’t create a username and password then you will have to retake the tutorial every time you want to play, and you won’t be able to track your high scores. 

Now you’re ready to start the hunt! After you’ve completed another image, it will come up and let you know that it can take 24 hours for your submission to be qualified for points. 

I think this is a fun and very challenging.