You’ll need Google Chrome to experience today’s Cool Site! I found another awesome Chrome Experiment and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Currently I’m guilty of just loading this site and letting the music play while I do school work or house work, but that’s certainly not what it is intended for. The experiment mixes HTML5 Web Audio API and Paper.js, with tracks from Soundcloud and channels from

So what do you do with it?  Well, you start by checking out the menu at the top of the page, there you’ll find Channels, Tracks, Controls, and About. 

Channels lets you select the genre of music you want to experience. Your options are electronic, hip-hop, indie, rap, experimental, mixtape, rock, female vocalists, pop, folk, alternative, indie rock, dubstep, house, ambient, lo-fi, indie pop, soul, singer-songwriter, psychedelic, rnb, electro, under 2000 listeners, techno, punk, shoegaze, British, dance, chillwave, classic, and so much more! Just scroll down till you find the one you want, and click it to load that channel.

Once you’ve selected the genre, you can then select your track, this works the same way you scroll down and pick the track you want! 

Next up is Controls! Here is where you can change the settings of the Spirograph-esque visual effect. Clicking Controls on the menu strip opens the control interface. You can change the Display, Angle, Radius, and Color. I say just go wild and try each thing out until you get something you like going! 

Now watch how the track effects the visuals! It’s really cool!  

I also found this was a great way to discover new music by exploring the different channels and tracks, go check it out for yourself today!