4 PlutoTV Channels to check out now

Yesterday, I updated you on PlutoTV, the free streaming service available on your PC, TV, phone, tablet, or streaming box. (click here to read that article.) Today, I’ll highlight 4 channels I’ve really been enjoying.

Channel 505 – The Happy Days Channel. The Happy Days Channel features episodes of one of my childhood favorites, Happy Days, You’ll also catch episodes of Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy. It’s great to spend time with the Fonz and future superstar director Ron Howard. Robin Williams is still a joy to watch even after all these years.

Channel 519 – Julia Child. This channel is all Julia Child all the time. It features her classic early 1960s show The French Chef all the way through to her programs from the 90s where she worked with personalities like Martha Stewart and Jacques Pepin. These shows not provide a healthy dose of nostalgia and an invaluable history of home cooking in the U.S. The tips and recipes still hold up pretty well, too. Pick up a copy of her fantastic Baking with Julia book and bake along. The pound cake will change your life.

America’s Test Kitchen – Channel 605. For a more modern take on cooking, check out America’s Test Kitchen. This channel runs episodes of both America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country. In my opinion, both of these shows are indispensable viewing for serious cooks. More than offering recipes, these shows teach your the foundations of cooking and then inspire you to head off in new directions. I could watch them all day long.

Paramount + Picks – Channel 126. This channel offers a sampling of the programming available on the paid Paramount + streaming service. The programming varies. It can be anything from episodes of new shows like Picard, Lower Decks, The Good Fight, and Evil to classics from their library like Frasier. You never quite know what you’ll get, but chances are it will be interesting.

Check them out and let me know what you think. As always, the PlutoTV channel lineup is subject to change.

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