Pluto TV revisited – 200 channels for free

I told you about Pluto TV some time ago, but I think it’s a good time to revisit this amazing FREE service that’s just what cord-cutters need. They’ve just added several new channels, including an all-Cops lineup, Blaze TV, more movie channels and much, much more.  You can watch with your browser, or on a phone or tablet.

When I purchased a new smart TV, the Pluto TV app was included, so I checked out what this amazing free app has to offer. Pluto.TV has over 250 channels of shows, movies, and music plus a lineup of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. Samsung and Vizio TVs include the Pluto app.

There are commericals. But with a full line-up of channels and movies, it is still a pretty good deal. You don’t need a smart TV to watch Pluto.TV.  You can watch from your phone, tablet, a browser on your PC or Mac, or from a streaming device like a Roku, Amazon FireTV, or Apple TV.  Basically, you can watch it anywhere as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection.

For your tablet or phone, just go to the app store and look for Pluto TV.  The app is free to install. Same for your streaming box, just go to the app store and look for Pluto TV. To use on your computer,  click here to go to

You’ll open up on a grid of live programming.


Scroll down to check out what’s available. You’ll see the time the program starts, its title, and its description.


To watch a channel, just select it in the grid. It will pop up in the video window.


Hover at the bottom right to go full screen.

Click the arrow to share a program on social media.

At the bottom left, you can adjust the volume or turn on the closed captioning. Click the heart icon to add a channel to your favorites list or the + icon to add a show to your watch list.

What kinds of channels can you watch? Let’s break down the available categories.

Movies – There are 22 movie channels offering everything from drama to comedy. There’s an Indie channel, CMT Westerns, action, horror, documentaries, and more. Just about any kind of movie you can think of.

Entertainment – features programming from MTV,  BET, Spike TV, and TV Land. There’s also a talk show channel, true crime, classic television, and even a channel devoted to British programming and one for classic cartoons. You’ll also see picks from Paramount Plus and Showtime.

News – features CNN, Bloomberg TV, news from NBC and CBS, Weather Nation, News Maxx, Sky News, the Blaze, and more.

Comedy – features a dozen comedy channels and three devoted to videos of cats, dogs, and other animals.

Sports – features sixteen channels that carry live sports, classic sports, and sports analysis programming. Don’t expect to find current NFL, MLB, NBA games, but there’s still a lot to see.

Explore – has channels devoted to science, investigation, travel, nature, biography, and more. Two that stand out for me are ones devoted to marijuana and Slow TV, which takes you on train trips all over the world.

Home & DYI – features a dozen channels devoted to cooking and the home.

Gaming and Adventure – offers channels about science, tech, comics & nerd topics, Minecraft, Anime, and even NASA TV.

Kids — offers Nickelodeon programming and seven other channels of family-friendly options.

En Espanol- There are eleven Spanish-language channels offering movies, sports, and TV shows.

Music – dozens of music channels cover about every genre there is.

Click the three-line menu icon at the top left.

pluto menu

And you can click On-Demand to stream programs any time you please in dozens of categories of TV shows and movies.


All completely free to watch. All you need is high-speed Internet.  To view on your TV, you will need either a smart TV with the Pluto TV app or a streaming box or streaming stick that allows you to download it.  Or watch on your phone, tablet, or right on your computer in a browser.

With all of the choices, you won’t run out of programs to watch anytime soon.

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