4 Free Streaming Channels To Check Out Now

I’ve told you before about the free PlutoTV streaming service that you can watch on your computer, phone, tablet, streaming device, or SmartTV. Seriously, it’s as easy as going to Pluto.TV: https://pluto.tv/en/live-tv/

You can also click here to read our full article about the service.

There are hundreds of channels, but I thought I would highlight 4 of them that caught my eye:

Julia Child. This channel is all Julia, all the time. It features 30 years’ worth of her classic programming ranging from the original episodes of The French Chef to her collaborations with chefs like Jacques Pepin. It’s an amazing history of food, television, style, and the recipes are pretty darn good, too.

Above all, the fabulous Julia is a food educator, teaching us to love and respect food as much as she does. I’ve been making the pound cake from Baking with Julia for 30 years and I don’t plan to stop any time soon. You’ll find her on Channel 519.

Wanted Dead or Alive – You’ll find this classic and underappreciated Western starring  Steve McQueen as bounty hunter Josh Randall on channel 528. The best part is spotting all the famous guest stars. McQueen exudes a tough coolness that the TV screen can barely contain. Though it only aired 3 years, there are close to 100 episodes to enjoy.

Today All Day – Channel 234. If you don’t feel like getting up early or just really enjoy the Today Show, this channel offers highlights of recent programs as well as segments of fashion, food, and current events. Today in 30, hits all the highlights of the Today Show without forcing you to sit through two solid hours.

Doctor Who Classic – Channel 532 – I’m a fan of Doctor Who from way back. I think I first saw it in the late 1970s on my local PBS station. The show has been on since 1963 and this channel features over 200 episodes spanning 36 years and 7 doctors. These episodes might look campy and low budget compared to the 2005 revival but they lay the foundation for the groundbreaking series to come and are considered canon in the new incarnation.

Whether it’s a blast from your past or your first time through, if you love Sci-Fi, you’ll enjoy this.

All shows are free to watch.

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