My obsession with fountain pens hasn’t cooled off, and I almost have enough money saved to get the pen I want, but I think I’m going to wait till I can afford the ink too. In the meantime I’m still scouring the internet for information about fountain pens. In my search, I found this lovely review site that covers pens, stationery,  office supplies, gadgets, and even has a coupon code you can use to purchase such things at sites that sell pens.  (which was bad for me because I totally found the second pen I’m buying). 

The site is set up blog style, so you can just scroll down the page and read the posts. You also have menu options just under the site banner, showcasing the categories Fountain Pens & Inks, Pens & Pencils, Paper, Office Supplies & Accessories, Discount Codes, Vlogs & Videos, Serious Nibbags, The Pen O’Clock News, Pen Shows, Blogs & Pals, Cats, Copyright, SHOP!, and Ask Me Anything. You can also scroll down the page and check out the Archive listing on the right side of the page as a way to navigate through the entries.  

Things I loved about the posts I’ve read: 

1) The pictures are awesome! You can see all the details of the pen in the images on the blog. There a detail shots of the nib, the top of the caps (where you’ll often find the manufacturer’s logo), and there are scale shots so that you can really get an idea of the size of the pen. 

2) The writings samples are really thorough! I’ve been watching lots of pen review videos on YouTube, and some of them just write a single sentence and move on, the writing samples here cover a lot of information like ink wetness, dry time, line variation, skipping, pros and cons, and I love that it is clearly noted what ink is being used in each sample. 

I also really love that there are stationery reviews! I haven’t found a lot of reviews of different writing pads and papers so it was very nice to check that out! 

And while I came here for the pen reviews, I certainly don’t mind the author’s section on Cats and the Pet Reviews. Because cats. 

I think this is an excellent resource for reviews on fountain pens, and I know I’m going to be checking out the links on the Blogroll to fuel my fountain pen knowledge acquisition!