Sweep Up Your Outlook Inbox


Here’s a quick tip to clean up your Outlook online email inbox. The Sweep function can clear things up with one click. Open you inbox and select an email. Then click the Sweep icon at the top of the inbox.

This menu will pop up. Sweep allows you to take a particular action with all of the messages from one particular sender. You have the choice to move all of the messages from the sender, move all of the messages and any future messages, just keep the latest message move the rest of the messages from the sender, or always move messages older than 10 days from the inbox.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Move to to choose where those messages go. You can choose to delete them, archive them, move them to an existing folder, or create a new folder just for those messages.

Just type in the name for the new folder. Then click OK. The messages will either be moved or deleted.

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