Windows 11 Says Goodbye To Cortana

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Windows 11 is saying goodbye to a lot of familiar features from Windows 10. Let’s break down what’s going away and what’s getting a downgrade.

Cortana – the once highly touted virtual assistant will no longer have a home on the taskbar, though some features will still be available.


Internet Explorer is disabled, though there is an IE mode in Microsoft Edge.

You’ll no longer be able to sync your desktop wallpaper across devices.

Quick statuses are removed from your lock screen.


Live Tiles are going away.

Tablet Mode is removed.

Timeline is being removed.

Many of these features were once highly promoted by Microsoft but never did seem to catch on. Will you miss any of them? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “Windows 11 Says Goodbye To Cortana

  1. Cortana was never much help to me unless it was something really simple for which I didn’t need help; or it was a PC-specific command. It was, essentially, Bixby for Windows… but without Bixby’s quirky personality.

    The one thing I’ll miss whenever I get Windows 11 (since I doubt my desktop or convertible laptop are eligible) will be tablet mode. On occasion I will turn my laptop screen around into a 15.6″ tablet. Having full functionality in that situation is important.

    Quite frankly, the haphazard way that Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 causes me to wonder if it’s really ready for deployment; or if the execs are pushing it out, ready or not. While I have a history of beta testing & early adoption, I’ll be quite content to watch other people experiment with it.

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