One of the paths I could have walked in my education is Linguistics. I’m fascinated by language. How does language work? How does it change over time? What causes dialect differences? This site speaks to that fascination by collecting and creating a repository for visual language. How can symbols, images, and glyphs speak to humanity universally? 

I’d recommend starting by clicking the three-dot menu icon and choosing About. Learn More button on the main page.

If you decide to sign up you’ll want the free level that allows you free access to the public domain icons. You can either register through Facebook or their form with your e-mail address. ¬†When you do sign up, you’ll be logged in and can create your profile (or use the arrows to skip through it) and start collecting.

At the free level you’ll download icons with the Attribution option. This means that whenever you use the icon, you’ll also provide attribution of where it came from and who designed it. It shows you how to do so after the download as well as where you should put the attribution. I found that particularly helpful. 

Do you design graphics? Do you want to contribute icons to the collection? Well you can totally do that. Just use the upload option at the top of the page and follow all the steps! 

This is a great way to find icons for use in webpages, apps, posters, videos and more! Check it out today!


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