Big History Project

This is a really neat history site that takes a look a Big Picture History. What is Big Picture History? It is an interdisciplinary approach to looking at the past, exploring our present, and imagining the future to come. It looks at the overall scope of History, rather than honing in on just one time period. 

I’d recommend starting with the video on the main page. It runs just over two and a half minutes, and walks you through what the course teaches. ¬†After that you can scroll down the page and check out the information provided there about the class.

Or you can dive right in by clicking the Get Started button. You’ll be whisked away to Chapter 1 – The Universe. I think the video in this chapter is an even better description of what the site is about. It also has neat feature called Chapter at a Glance that displays the amount of time the chapter takes, how many thresholds there are, how many videos are included, and how many galleries there are.  After that you just scroll down the page to explore the content. You’ll find videos, images, text, and quizzes. This section also provides instructions for how to access the material, what order to do it in, and what the thresholds are.

After that you’ll work your way through the content in the manner that pleases you. I’m doing it consecutively, because I want the Big Picture in a chronological order. But you can hop around if you like. While you’re exploring, you’ll have the opportunity to earn badges, take quizzes, and eventually earn the title of Big Historian.

I found this site to be a very enjoyable way to learn about the History of the Universe and my role in it. Go check it out for yourself today!