Street View Treks: Pyramids Of Giza

Fortunately, there are no travel restrictions when it comes to seeing the world from the safety of your computer.

I love these Street  Vie Treks because they allow me to visit places all over the world from my computer desk.  Sometimes that’s a very lovely distraction from all the chaos going on in my life. 

Navigation is very easy. You scroll down the page, or through the different sections if you want to think of it that way. The first section you’ll scroll to will be a satellite map of the area. Click on the markers to learn more about the locations. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom tool in the upper left corner of the page. 

Next up is Building a Behemoth: The Great Pyramid – which gives you some brief statistics about building the pyramid. After that comes Digging for the Truth – the screen is divided into 5 partitions, and each one is about a different topic. You can study History, Location, Purpose, Materials, and Labor. Clicking the partitions expands them to full screen and starts the video portion of their content. Each one also comes with a fact about the topic. 

Then comes my favorite section: Tour the Great Pyramids! This is a self-guided tour, you’ll use your mouse to click forward towards the pyramids, learn facts as you travel, and check out anything of interest to you. You can even click on Explore this Place, to take a picture tour of specific locations (this opens in a new window). 

After that, you’ll visit the Discover a World of Wonder, where you can use the right and left arrows to navigate through photographs of the Pyramids and Giza. I really like the image here of the different pyramids that notes the differences in their height and when they were built. 

If you keep scrolling you’ll learn more about the ancient world and even have videos of panoramas to explore. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this virtual trip to Egypt, I sure did!