Turn a Picture To Text With Google Keep

I showed this handy tip to a business associate the other day and he was amazed. Did you know that there’s a free app that can quickly turn a picture into text? It’s a function of Google Keep.

. Keep is a notetaking program that’s one of the many web apps that’s offered for free along with your Google Account.

If you have a Gmail address, Android phone, or YouTube account, you already have an account with Google and can easily access Keep. If not, you can click here to learn how to create a Google account. 

To open Keep, you can open up your Gmail inbox and click the square of dots at the top right.


Or go to Google.com, log in, and click the square of squares on the upper-right side.


When the menu below pops up, scroll down to Keep. Click to open.


Here’s what the Keep home screen looks like.


To create your first note, click in the box.


Additional options will appear at the bottom.


Here’s how to quickly take text from an image.  Start by creating a new note with an image.


Select the image with the text. Choose Open.


Once the note is created, click the three-dot menu icon. Then choose Grab image text from the drop-down menu.


The text will be copied into the note.


You’ll be able to edit and copy the text.

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