This to That

This to That is an awesome site that allows you to select a material you’d like glue to another material and then tell you what the best type of glue is for the project. 

I often run into this problem when I’m crafting, so I’m very happy to find an easy to use site that allows me to quickly figure out what sort of glue I need to get the project done! 

So how do you use it? Start by selecting the material you’d like to attach from the drop-down box.


Then select the material you want to affix it to from the second drop-down box.


Now click the Let’s Glue button. 


It will generate a list of glues that you can use to achieve your goal, including whether the glue will be visible or not!  Each option is linked, so you can click it and learn all about the product:  toxicity, time to adhere, where you can find it, cost, and even related products.


You can even check out the Glue of the Month section, while currently defunct you can still check out the archive. 

This site is going to make my holiday gift making so much easier! Go check it out today!


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