I ran across this excellent community focused on the poet John Keats while doing research for a class I’m taking this semester. On the site you can find his poetry, a 100 page biography, search engine, and even a bulletin board. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll be treated to his poem “Bright Star” and navigation options on the left, and beneath the poem a search field, and a section called Keats News. It hasn’t been updated in a darn long time but the poems and letters are timeless. 

The menu options at the left side of the page are:

Introduction – this section welcomes you to the site and offers you a brief description of each section and some selected poetry.

Biography – here you’ll find an overview of Keats life as well as a 100 page biography and further reading options.

Poems – the real meat of the site are Keat’s poems. You’ll find them here, divided up under categories like Poems, Lamia/Isabella/ect., Further Reading, and Posthumous Poems.

Letters – here you can read Keats letters to John Hamilton Reynolds, Benjamin Robert Haydon, Jane Reynolds, Fanny Brawne, P.B. Shelley, and more! 

Forums – this section allows you to interact with other fans of Keat’s writing. You can discuss his poetry, the film adaptation of Keat’s romance with Fanny Brawne. 

You will get a not-secure site error in Chrome. But this would really only be an issue if you were entering private information, which you are not.

Go check it out today!