Windows 10: easily disconnect from the Internet

I had a question from a reader looking for an easy way to disconnect from the Internet without losing their settings in Windows 10.

I want you to click on your network icon in the system tray on the lower right.


If you’re using a laptop or tablet, you can just click Airplane mode. Or on a laptop or desktop, click the big WiFi button. That will instantly take you offline. Just click or tap it again to turn your connection back on.


Or you could look for your network and click on it.


Then choose Disconnect.


That will log you off the Internet. Connecting should be as simple as clicking Connect.


If you’re prompted to re-enter the network password when you log on, you’ll want to make sure that you check Connect Automatically. Then the next time, you won’t have to enter the key again.




I hope this helps.

One thought on “Windows 10: easily disconnect from the Internet

  1. In Windows 10, you can also just click the big, blue WiFi button. That will take you offline. To reconnect automatically, if you have previously chosen that option, just click the button (which will now be gray and marked “WiFi off” or something like that) again.

    Another hint: If your WiFi service seems to deteriorate over time, shut it off with the big blue button, wait several seconds, and then turn it back on. Sometimes it will improve.

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