You can easily sync your Chrome browser settings across multiple devices. Then when you open up Chrome on any computer or mobile device and have access to them as long as you sign in. Sign out and your settings go with you.
Your Gmail address is your Google ID.  You get a Gmail account with it, but you don’t have to use it as your email address unless you want it.  This is also your ID if you have an Android Phone or Tablet.
Multiple sites are part of the Google (therefore Chrome) family.  Google, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and the Chrome Web Store.
Go to or open Chrome to the Google homepage and you’ll see the option to sign in.
Once you click, you’ll see all of the available user accounts.   You can see if that person is signed out on this particular device. If you want to add yourself or someone else, just click Use another account and put in the username and password.
You’ll then enter your password.
Chrome will ask if you want to remember the password. If you’re on someone else’s PC, I’d choose not to. Click the square of squares at the top and you’ll have access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Maps, and more. Plus, if you’re using the Chrome browser, all of your bookmarks, preferences, and browsing history are available to you. Remember, you can get Gmail, Google Drive, and all the other Google stuff from any browser, but your browser settings like bookmarks only follow you if you’re using the Chrome Browser.  Go to YouTube or Gmail and you’ll see that you are already logged in with your settings. For example, your inbox will come up or your YouTube Playlist will be available.
When you click on your name, you’ll see that you’re synced. 
If you want to sign out, click on Sync is on. This window will open. Click on Turn off.

If you want to sign out, click on Sync is on. This window will open. Click on Turn off.