Looking at your questions, emails, and comments, I know that some of your biggest frustrations come from dealing with email.  From trying to maneuver the interface to coping with the end of support for favored email clients to trying to decipher scams from legitimate messages. Sometimes, just trying to send or receive a simple message makes you crazy.


Well, I want to help!  Hit me with your questions. Tell me your biggest problems and frustrations.  Tell me what features you’d like to see from your email provider.

If you have a specific technical problem, I will need to know some basic things to better understand your question.

  1. What operating system are you using? Windows 10, 11, or a Mac.  Perhaps an Android or iPhone or a tablet.
  2. Do you access via an email client or through a browser?  A client is a program or app that is installed on your device that downloads copies of your email from the server. If you access via the web, you open a program like Chrome or Internet Explorer and go to a website.
  3. Your email provider.  Do have an Outlook or Hotmail address?  Yahoo?  Or one assigned by your ISP?
  4. And, of course, a description of your problem and any error codes.

So, let me have it.  You can comment on this article or click here to let me know.