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Welcome to InstaNerd where you can find random useful facts and fun how-to’s with just a click of a button!

I love sites like this where I can randomly learn information I might not stumble across otherwise. 

In order to begin, just click the Start button. Then the information starts coming! You just have to keep clicking the Next button to get new information. 

In the space of five minutes I learned that British eggs and US eggs are respectively illegal to sell in the other country’s markets, why caffeine makes your body think you aren’t tired, a possible reason why wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger, how to tell if a cat is afraid or threatened and what the difference is, how comic sans was created, and even why all babies have blue eyes when they’re born. 

After several facts or how-to’s a subscription option will pop up. You can type in your e-mail address to get the latest facts delivered directly to your inbox weekly.  

Are you ready to learn tons of cool information? Well then go check out today’s cool site!


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