A Warning About Android Power Saving Mode

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A reader made a good point about Android Powersaving mode. I told you how this setting shuts down background apps and limits screen brightness to make your battery last longer.

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However, a reader named Kim encountered this issue. “I use android auto when I am traveling so I can see Google maps on my dash. On a recent trip as I left home, the map couldn’t figure out where I was and thought I was still in my driveway when I was already on the highway 4 miles away. As an engineer, I was troubleshooting the issue and found that the problem was due to putting the phone in power-saving mode. When I turned it off the map updated and knew where I was.”

That can indeed be an issue. If there’s are apps you need to have working all the time, don’t turn on Limit apps and Home screen.

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Another option under the batter setting is to tap Background usage limits.

Then choose Never sleeping apps.

Then click the plus icon to add the app you need to be on all the time. For example, since I want messages at any time, I leave messenger on.

Thanks for sharing your issue.

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