Printing an article

I’ve had some questions about printing from the newsletter.

“Please place a print option button at the bottom of each article that allows us just to print that one article.”

“I print a lot of your tips for obvious reasons and I realize the need to include diagrams but some pictures I feel aren’t necessary. It uses up so much ink. Is there any way to eliminate some of the pictures and is there any way to condense your printable copies?”

The newsletter is actually one document, an email. So it’s hard to put a button in the newsletter telling it to only print a portion of the document. But there is normally a link to click to comment or find the print-friendly version of the article. That takes you to our website. Once there, you don’t want to hit print in your browser, you want to find the print button for the article.

Many sites offer a print option for individual articles. On our site, it’s at the bottom of the article.


A window offering print options will pop-up.

If you’d like to save on color ink, you can choose to print in black and white.

There are frequently a lot of images in our articles. They’re designed for display on the Internet and in email instead of for print.  I have to include at least one large color image to serve as the display image to show on the Internet.  I will try to keep in mind what might be extraneous. But there are ways to remove the images for print if you feel you don’t need them.

You could highlight just the text and hit Ctrl + P.  Then you’ll only print the portion that you want.


Another option is to select the whole article and then hit Ctrl + C or right-click and choose copy. If you open up WordPad and paste, you’ll see that only the text is there. Just delete the blank image boxes and print.


Or if you want some of the images, try pasting into a program like Word.  You can just delete the images, you don’t care to keep and then print the document.


I’ll keep in mind about being mindful of a number of images. But step-by-step illustrated images are kind of our thing here. Many people do much better with images than they do with the written word when they’re trying to learn new things.

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