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A reader is in search of a new start page:

“I have Yahoo as a start page for some news and sports but would like to get something similar to replace my start page got any ideas or suggestions.”

You can use any page you wish as the start page for your browser. You can even leave it blank. If you have a favorite local news station or newspaper, that would be a good choice. But I assume you’re looking for a somewhat customizable feed similar to the old style of Yahoo.

If you use the Edge browser, you can click the gear icon at the top right of the start page and choose Informational from the drop-down menu.

You’ll see a news and information feed similar to Yahoo.

Click Personalize to choose the type of content you prefer.

You could also customize the start page in your Chrome browser with your favorite news and information sites. Log in to Google, open a new tab and use the shortcut button to add your favorite sites.

Bing.com also allows you to customize a news and information feed.

You also might want to consider a site like https://flipboard.com/ that allows you to create a customizable national. news feed. I’ve also heard good things about the simple and decidedly old-school https://www.protopage.com/

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