Explore God Mode: Part 4

Today we wrap up our week-long look at Windows God Mode. This handy feature combines all of your Settings and Control Panel options in one handy desktop folder.

Click here to learn how to activate God Mode.

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Today, we’ll wrap up our look at your options. Start by¬†clicking on the GodMode folder to open:


Scroll down to Programs and Features.¬† From here you can add or uninstall programs. You’ll also be able to run programs made for older versions of Windows. Additionally, you can turn off certain Windows features and view all of your installed updates.


Under Region, you can adjust date, number, measurement, time, and currency for the country you’re in.


Use Remote App and Desktop Connections to connect to other computers or allow other computers to have access to yours.


Using Security and Maintenance, you can check the security status of your PC as well as handle many maintenance issues. You’ll be able to troubleshoot, schedule maintenance. and more.


Your next options are for Sound. Adjust volume, control sound card settings, change the sounds your PC makes, or manage speakers and headphones. Use Speech Recognition to control text to speech settings and to set up a microphone.


Use Storage Spaces to save files to multiple drives at once. You can also use Sync Center to manage offline files.


Under System, you have 21 options. Control everything from performance to remote access. Create a restore point or recovery drive. Change the virtual memory, learn how much RAM is available, and check out advanced system settings. This is probably the most valuable part of God Mode.


Use Taskbar and Navigation to customize your taskbar.

control taskbar

Use the features under Troubleshooting to fix a myriad of problems.


Under User Accounts, you can create, change, and delete user accounts.


Check the status of your firewall or allow an app to get through it under Windows Defender Firewall. You can use Manage Work Folders to make files available on all devices you use.


I hope this tour through the God Mode folder has been helpful. Any questions? Let me know.

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