Welcome to Visual Cinnamon! This site brings you information about data visualization and data art.

I love data! I’m sure that’s not surprising. I like to organize it. I like to look at it. You can bet I was thrilled when I discovered this site that offered data art in addition to data visualization!

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a great introductory paragraph about the site’s owner, Nadieh Bremer, and what you’ll find on her site. If you want to learn more about her head on over to the About page.

To get to the data visualization art you can either scroll down the page and click on one that strikes your fancy, or you can head on over to the Projects section. There you’ll find all of the offerings arranged in a gallery. If you click on one, you’ll be whisked away to its page.

For example, I clicked into the Spirographs section. There I was treated an array of awesome spirographs in the gallery, as well as information about the project and the process of creating them.

There’s also an interesting blog where she talks about the process behind her work and the process of learning data visualization.

This is a cool way to look at data. Go see it for yourself!