Figuring out the instruction equation

I’m taking another crack at something that’s fairly commonplace that some folks aren’t familiar with.

Sometimes you’ll see instructions for performing a task that look like this:

Control Panel >System and Security > Windows Update > Check for updates


Tools > Internet Options> Privacy > Advanced > Override Automatic Cookie Handling

I’ve been told it can look like some type of strange equation, especially if no images are involved.  But it’s really very simple. You’re just following steps in a menu. For example, the instructions above mean to click the Tools icon and then Internet options from the drop-down menu.


Then select the Privacy tab from the menu that opens. Note that you’re selecting the Advanced option that comes under the Privacy tab. So, you wouldn’t select the other Advanced tab at the top. This is why I like to do detailed screenshots. They can avoid confusion.


Next, select Advanced.


Then tick the box next to Automatic cookie handling.


It’s as simple as working our way down the menu tree. I realize it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct option when there are a lot of them and the instructions lack information like looking in the upper-right or scrolling down.  But remembering that you’re working your way down a menu can help you get to the right place.

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