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Readlang is a site that offers you an amazing web reader that allows you to learn another language while you surf the web, and then generates flashcards that will help you practice the words and phrases you needed to translate.

When you arrive at the site I suggest scrolling down and checking out the main page. It offers you information on how the site works, testemonials, and the pricing plan (there’s a great free option). 

By clicking Start Learning you can use the trial version. It will then ask you to select the language you are learning. Your options are shown as their countries flags, and then there is a drop down with even more options. I picked Swedish. 

It will then ask you to sign in with Facebook, Google or with your e-mail address. I chose to connect with Google. 

Then it offers you a selection of texts to practice with. You can also filter the list by checking one of the boxes for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Song, Conversation, and Other. You can also set the word count and difficulty level. 

The texts are labeled by difficulty. If you want to start with the beginner level, you’ll want to select A1 texts. 

Once you’ve read a text, you can check out the word list and flashcards it created for you from your interaction with the text.  

Overall, I think this is an excellent way to practice a language you are interested in. Go check it out for yourself today!


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