Which services should I try?

A reader is ready to cut the cord and wants some advice:

I am interested in having videos to watch instead of the few interesting choices on Comcast television. I just recently installed the free 30 day trial on Amazon prime also Netflix. I’m also going to purchase a smart TV. I currently have approximately 100 Mbps download speed. I think I am favoring Netflix from my choice to keep, any suggestions would be helpful.

Netflix and Amazon are great choices for cord-cutters. I have both. I like Amazon because, in addition to the movies, TV shows, and original programming, it offers a music service, free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, and an eBook lending library.

Netflix offers a heck of a lot more episodic programs and movies.  Hulu is also a great option. They feature a whole lot of episodic television, both current and classic. Hulu offers a free trial period as well, with plans starting at $6 a month. Hulu also offers a live TV option with over 50 live and on-demand channels including local channels. But it’s much more expensive at $65 per month.

YouTube offers live TV and premium programming with dozens of national and local channels for $65 a moth.

HBO Max, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Peacock also have deep libraries of content and access to current network series. I particularly enjoy the Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney content of Disney Plus. I subscribed to Paramount Plus strictly for the Star Trek content but find I watch a lot of shows on there as well.

All t of these services are great and could keep you occupied forever with their content. Your best bet is to take advantage of free trials and see what you think of the content. Fortunately, none of these services come with a commitment, so you can check them out for a month and move on. If there are only one or two things you like on a service, you can always just subscribe for a month and binge watch what you enjoy. Then drop the service for a few months until there are new episodes of series you enjoy again.

Which service is right for you is going to depend on your interests. Fortunately, they’re all very easy to try out.

Right now I’m going to do a little crowd-sourcing. I’d like to ask your fellow readers to make suggestions as to which services they enjoy the most. Let us know in the comments.

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