Street Art with Google

photo of multicolored abstract painting

I really love the addition of Street Art to Google’s Art Project, and I hope you will too!   What the site lets you do is explore the stories behind street art from all over the world!

When the site loads you’ll be an array of options. You can check out Audio Tours, Online Exhibitions, the World Collection, GIF Art, and Artist Stories. Check them all out to get the most out of your visit.

Originally, I was just going to write about the Audio Tours, but I hope you’ll explore down the page as well. The Audio Tours offer you a cool way of experiencing street art from around the world. Click start to begin the audio tour. Then use the arrows on the right and left to navigate through the different art pieces.

As you scroll down my favorite way to explore appears, you’ll be presented a map of the world that has pins you can explore. Each red circle represesnts a location. Click it, and the map zooms in, and you can select another location, you do this till you’re at Street View.

You can scroll past the map too! There you’ll find more featured content, including my favorite video from Stories in the making which features a french street artist named Kashink! If it’s changed  when you visit to feature another artist you can find the video here.


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