Windows 11 Taskbar’s New Look

At first glance, Windows 11 doesn’t look much different than Windows 10 except that the Start Button and other icons are now gathered in the center.

Some of the buttons have a new look and there is a new built-in feature.

Start and Search are at the left.

Next to that is the Desktops icon.

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 allows you to set up multiple desktops. This is the easy way to navigate between them. Just click the desktop you want to use.

Next to that is the Widget icon.

Widgets perform many of the same functions as Live Tiles in Windows 8 and 10 or Gadgets in Windows Vista.

At the far right, next to the time, you’ll see that the notification center has a new look. Just a small number in a circle next to the time.

When you click on it, you’ll noticed a more streamlined ‘floating’ look to everything.

What do you think of this new layout? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Windows 11 Taskbar’s New Look

  1. IT SUCKS in at least 102 languages. And so do the widgets. I don’t want any except weather. If it’s like Win10 interests, many of those MS decided to foist off on us cannot be deleted, which is why I have turned off interests. When I click the time to bring up the calendar, I don’t want to see notifications on top. I have turned off all but a couple notifications, because they are a pain in the glutei maximi. The two things for which you gotta’ give MS a lot of credit are intrusiveness and busyness, and a huge demerit for slick.

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