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This free site teaches you to step by step how to code by creating real-life start-up projects.

When you arrive at the site you’re introduced to the founder of site, Leo Trieu. You’ll also find featured content like the latest projects, popular projects, and things that are coming soon.

To create a free account, just click the Create Free Account button at the top of the page, and fill out the registration form. You can also sign in with Facebook, GitHub, and Google.

I used Facebook like always and found myself automatically logged in after connecting. The next thing I did is click Projects. I scrolled down to the free projects area and found a dozen tutorials for useful coding projects. You’ll also see a number of premium projects that you may want to try after you have more experience.

. Each tutorial offers you has a length, an overview of the project, and a list of tasks. Click Start Project to begin.

I think this site is exceptionally helpful and practical if you’re thinking about creating a start up. It also offers lots of valuable coding information that you can apply to other things as well. Go check it out today!


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