Windows 11 – New Start Menu

Welcome to Windows 11! I just upgraded to the new operating system and I’m ready to take a look around. Why don’t you join me? The first thing you’ll notice is that the Start button is now in a dock of icons in the center of the taskbar. In many ways, it looks like a Mac interface.

Let’s start by clicking the start button at the far left.

It looks quite a bit different than the Windows 10 menu.

Click in the search box and start typing if you want to look for apps, files, or search the web.

Underneath there, you’ll fine the pinned apps.

To see all of the apps, click All apps at the right.

You’ll see an alphabetical list of apps on your device.

You can navigate by narrowing down or using the scroll bar at the right.

To go back to the main Start Menu, click on Back.

To unpin an app, right-click and choose Unpin from Start.

To pin an app to the Start Menu, right-click and choose Pin to Start.

Beneath that, you’ll see Recommended files and apps. These are recently added or frequently used items.

Click on More…

… and you’ll see a bigger list.

At the bottom right, you’ll find the power options.

Choose from Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart.

On the left is your account shortcut. Click on it to change account settings, lock your computer, or sign out.

We’ll learn more tomorrow.

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