Steam Free To Play

It’s always really easy to fall off the wagon and buy a bunch of games when Steam has a sale, but did you know they have a stellar Free to Play section?

I didn’t! So today, I’m directing you right to the amazing list of Free to Play titles.

When you arrive at the site there will be a set of featured games along the top of the page, clicking on them will move the list of featured tiles along so you browse them all.

Then beneath those featured titles, you’ll find the list of Free to Play Games. I’ve brought you to them sorted by popularity, but you can  use the tabs along the top to sort them differently.

The list is pretty standard scroll down to the bottom and click the numbers to navigate further into the list.

I’m going to check out the game Viridi where I can grow succulents and attain a moment of calm. I might also give Clicker Heroes a try.

Go check out these free games today!


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