Think before you hit that button

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I told you that hitting unsubscribe on a scam email is not only useless but take you to a malicious site or authorize an unwanted download. A reader responded with another important point.

There are two more reasons to NEVER hit “Unsubscribe” on a spam email (or interact with it at all):

1 – You never subscribed to it, did you? Then why should you unsubscribe?
2 – Clicking “Unsubscribe”, or any other link in the email, is all the spammer needs to know that yours is a valid email address; and it’s attached to a real live human being who will interact with it.

Guess what happens to the value of your email address? Yep: you became a more valuable target… and that means you’re going to get MORE spam & scam than ever! The best thing to do, like Cyn suggests, is just delete it. If you can block the entire domain from which it originated, it’s probably a good idea.”

Great point. Scammers are always trying to get a response out of you. They live to engage you in any fashion. That’s why they often use scare tactics like saying there’s been a charge to your account. Your best bet is to mark it as spam and just ignore it.

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